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Monday, May 19, 2008

While Clam and David feverishly try to get Kaufman tickets, wear French-cut bathing suits, chew and spit out French hors d'oeuvres, and collect memorabilia in the name of environmentalism, I have finally gotten my hands on a diploma.

Besides giving me an opportunity to do an old-school cut/paste photoshop job, this diploma ensures that I am qualified to at least work as a manager of fast food restaurants without the generally required 2 years of floor experience. Thanks to the exported members of shortlist for the texts and Joe for the no-doubt stunning graduation photography. Mother Patricia will appreciate them.

PS. Scarlett, you're new album isn't that mediocre; the production values are quite high.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Linha de Passe

Last night I met the former director of the Venice and Berlin film festivals who just so happened to have two unnecessary tickets to the competition screening of Walter Salles' "Linha de Passe."  Our walk up the red carpet was a wet but fun one (I swear there'll be pictures soon)  and had we been only a minute later, we would have shared it with Alfonso Cuaron, darn.  The film was one we've seen many times before, a combination of all Hispanic indie films of the last 15 years: Shaky camera, struggling adolescents, poverty, God, drug combos, soccer, wild sex, motorcycles, thievery, sounds more exciting than it was.  With no directorial innovations or profound insights to speak of, one has to wonder if the invite to competition was more about the director's presence than the film itself.  It appears to stand no chance of receiving the Palme D'Or, though it did receive a standing ovation(?), a gesture which seems to have lost its meaning, as it has become the only alternative to a harsh French booing.

Still working on "Synecdoche, New York" tickets.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Cannes Gets Spiked

It's now Friday and the ball is rolling.  David got into the opening night premiere of "Blindness" and suavely moseyed up the red carpet.  Last night we snuck into a European production company party (Mk2, we thought it was in the Kimmel office, the company that's producing Charlie Kaufman's "Synecdoche, New York").  The party was slightly lame, but on a rooftop overlooking the Riviera (pictures coming soon) and an open bar.  After much Jameson whiskey and creepy dancing we turned in for the night with dreams of seeing the first images of Spike Lee's "Miracle at St. Anna" at a private market screening which we did this morning.  The Star  theatre accepted our glowing holographic invites with big French smiles and we bore witness to an intense fifteen minute trailer of gunfire, explosions and talk of miracles.  To put it in David's words, "Spike's not in Brooklyn anymore."

You can find the imdb here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


As Adair explained, the festival opens today with the launch of the market and opening of the pavilion. Most importantly, however, free phone calls and reliable american keyboarded internet access opens today too! The carpet unrolls for 'Blindness' tonight and I'll be hitting up the hotels trying to catch the guests at the bars. I'm going to try to score tickets for the new Woody Allen movie, Charlie Kaufman movie and maybe getting into the industry screening of 'select scenes' from Spike Lee's new movie.

Most importantly, I'll be hanging out by the artists entry to the Palais in hopes of running into a good celeb by the bathrooms. (They use the same bathrooms as us). 'They' as in those better than us. Special thanks to Joe for working so diligently on the website, it looks great. E-mail his amazing designer self at fellow Cannes-ians.

Until the next update.



It's opening day at Cannes and we're flashing hungry eyes behind our (somewhat) fashionable sunglasses. Why? Party invites of course. So you get a party invite, then what? Well, I'd like to grease my palms with Marty's pomade and though Cate has already bore her new child, David would still like to rub her belly. Blindness opens the festival (which should be adequately horrifying) and we have an opportunity to bid on which screening we want tickets to but more research needs to be done. Which screening will prove the most fun/exciting/fruitful? Who cares, I just wanna see Brangelina roll those freshly purchased babies up the red carpet.


This pic was taken the morning of opening night while all the Frenchies were still sleeping off the previous night's boozing and we had the place to ourselves to wander behind the scenes like the dorks we be.