Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Cotting." Cutting? "Cotting."

Long, (7 mins) but worth it, this is an old Hitchcock interview in which he discusses "cotting." Or as you and I call it, cutting. It's a nice little lesson in editing that ends with the most elementary application:
Subject 1. CUT. Subject 2. CUT. Subject 1's reaction.
As I watch all of his movies, I'm finding this was the foundation of everything he did. It's so simple it's almost comical: Tippi Hedren's face. CUT. 100 birds on a jungle jim. CUT. Tippi Hedren's face, concerned.
Also, I just like to listen to him say, imagery. "Immijjooorry."


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Rumors are flying that Indiana Jones 4 will open the Cannes Film Festival this May! This is good news seeing as I'll be able to pose with Cate Blanchett's pregnant belly AND hand deliver my treatment for ET 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to Steven Spielberg in one day. Readers, this is also a big deal because George Lucas will likely be there as well. And when he visits our humble/illustrious blog and uses the Lucas LTD patented search button on his laptop to find his name, it will be there (here!)!!


George Lucas

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh Almodovar

Oh Almodovar, a mystery you are. How is it you have the hippest and most entertaining credits sequences since Hitchcock but you maintain my mom's haircut circa 1992? (See previous post for photo.)


Come see my new movie

This is not fun.

From time to time I'm reminded that I am not Pedro Almodovar. These reminders usually coincide with my lack of being fondled by a plastic surgeon as a child. 'Almodovar' has decided to deprive us of Penelope Cruz' boobs in a Blu-ray format. Furthermore, Apple (House of Jobs and Bullock**) has deprived us of 3G web browsing technology. CONNECTION?

I cannot download the hand clapping scene from Volver then AppleTV it via bluetooth "thin as air, Macbook Air" to my television in optimal HD quality. The universe is against this guy, but NOT Almodovar. Again, why am I not him?


**Steve, Sandra

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marty does Alfy

This is fun. Last year, Martin Scorcese decided to film the first 3 1/2 pages of a never begun Alfred Hitchcock film in the style of the deceased genius himself. The resulting short film is one part "Hitchcock 101," one part Freixenet wine advertisement. This is another in a decade-long string of "sell-out" decisions over which Scorcese has been criticized. In the humble opinion of this unabashed film-nerd/blogger, it was just a sensible way to pay the bill of what is, essentially, a seasoned director's field day. A friend of mine also complained of Marty casting himself as a celebrity in the documentary. To that I say, "Who cares? He's Marty!" Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want him over for dinner........I thought so.