Wednesday, March 19, 2008

People used to name their kids things like Frank, Gene, and Jules.

Not to be confused with the other New York, New York, a song of the hope and ambition to "be a part of it, New York, New York."  Rather, this little piece of MGM musical candy's only ambition is to see the entire city "right from Yonkers on down to the bay, in just one day."  One of a wave of films that set the tone for the 1950s movie musical, On the Town placed Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Jules Munchin in the everyday city streets of New York, as opposed to a soundstage, the background of which looks like a 40 foot, multi-million dollar wedding cake, (See: Till the Clouds Roll By, or don't, it's not that good.)  Other movies that exemplify this newfound rawness were West Side Story and Oklahoma, both of which are good.  Oh, and that line about Manhattan women all wearing silk and satin?  It just isn't true.


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